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Investment team

HitecVision’s senior investment team consists of more than 20 partners and senior partners, all of whom have long specialist experience from working with and within the energy industry. The senior team is supported by a strong group of investment and credit professionals with varied operational and financial experience.

Ole Ertvaag Founding Partner and CEO
Pål M. Reed Senior Partner and Deputy CEO
Ola Sætre Founding Partner
Egil Stokka Senior Partner and Legal Director
Gunnar Halvorsen Senior Partner
Kjell-Erik Endresen Senior Partner
Tor Espedal Senior Partner
Alf C. Thorkildsen Senior Partner
Jone Skaara Senior Partner
Jan Harald Solstad Senior Partner
Einar Gjelsvik Senior Partner
John Knight Senior Partner
Erlend Basmo Ellingsen Senior Partner
Jon Vatnaland Senior Partner
Ove Gusevik Senior Partner
Lars Christian Bacher Senior Partner
Bertel Ånestad Partner
Dag Thomas Michalsen Partner Credit and Head of Credit
Johan Sonander Partner Credit
Nikolay Iankov Partner Credit
Louise Samuelsson Investment Director
Maren Sleire Lundby Director Credit
Kurt Waldeland Investment Director
Petter Tandstad Ege Investment Director
Elias W. Lønseth Senior Associate
Maren Stangeland Senior Associate
Birgitte Kolstad Senior Associate
Simen Helland Senior Associate
Benjamin Vidnes Associate
Silje Nilsskog Associate
Sofie Kjus Huseby Associate
Kaia Gaarud Analyst
Vetle J. Salte Analyst
Kristin Nore Analyst
Anders Garneng Analyst