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HitecVision's specialized investment team consists of more than 40 investment professionals, and is characterized by its substantial experience from the European energy industry combined with financing and structuring expertise.

HitecVision's founders, Ole Ertvaag and Ola Sætre, have been investing together since the mid-1980s and have built a balanced team of industry and investment talent. The team is characterized by its long industry experience, its network and its expertise and track record in investing. The 25 person senior investment team has an average of 22 years of global operational experience and 18 years of financing and investment experience across the energy sector value chain. The ability to leverage this operational understanding of the industry and its commercial and regulatory framework enables HitecVision to create value in complex situations.

The investment team includes specialist groups such as credit and audit & risk, ensuring the necessary quality and efficiency in financing processes and appropriate financial risk management. The support team comprises mid-office, compliance, and corporate services, responsible for the complex processes at the interface between the funds and the portfolio companies and ensuring compliance with the investment mandate, agreements, and ever more comprehensive laws and regulations.