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SPT Group

  • Segment: Software
  • Location: Norway
  • Status: Exited
  • Entry: 2003

SPT (formerly Scandpower Petroleum Technology) provides a combination of software and consulting services to the international petroleum industry. OLGA 2000, is the market-leading simulator for transient multiphase flow of oil, water and gas in wells and pipelines.

The company's two main business activities are software development/sale and consulting work in multiphase flow and reservoir simulation. In both areas the company has extensive experience. Software tools, like OLGA, play an important part in the SPT's services. SPT has a world wide organisation and is located in all time zones.

The investment in SPT was partly exited in a secondary sale to Altor Equity Partners in June 2006 and fully exited trough a secondary transaction to Cubera Private Equity in July 2008.