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AT Group announced at ONS

AT Group (ATG) created from four Energy & Industry supplier Groups.

AT Group is present in all main Energy and Marine markets and has own operations in 14 countries around the globe.

“The strategic rationales behind the formation of ATG is to further build and improve profile and local presence in key geographical regions by combining efforts and utilizing overall relationships and business intelligence”, says Arne Aune, President & CEO. “In addition, we see potential for combined product and services offerings. In this way, we expect to become an even more attractive supplier to existing and targeted key customers”.

Joining the resources from 4 sub groups, ATG will also improve the cost base as a result of increased buying power, increased sourcing from low cost countries and elimination of sub-holding structures. Improved coordination and utilization of internal ATG manufacturing facilities in several countries, including Norway and China, should also contribute positively going forward”.

Business climate is still demanding in the aftermath of the financial crisis. However, ATG is backed by a financially strong and competent owner and should be well positioned to capitalize on market segments which will show strength in the years to come.

ATG products and services range from high integrity connector systems and customized sealing solutions to specialized valves and well-head equipment. ATG is provider of precision machining services including testing and assembly of a variety high quality products mainly suited for sub-sea and well applications. Furthermore, the Group possesses strong competence in the fields of electro-mechanics, instrumentation and electronics and manufactures products enabling safe transport and application of electric current in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Other ATG centers of excellence include the manufacturing of hydraulic high-pressure radial piston motors with corresponding valves as well as an extensive range of high-pressure hydraulic equipment. The Group also offers service and maintenance of drilling, casing and production pipes including machining and treading. Most of the companies making up ATG are active in similar segments of the business possessing strong relationships with domestic as well as international customers such as EPC contractors, oil and energy companies, ship and rig-owners as well as ship and construction yards.


Further information about AT Group can be found at, where you also will find the links to the web pages of the four sub groups.