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Axis Offshore´s accommodation and support vessel Dan Swift is operating in Brazil on a long term contract for Petrobras

Investment Criteria

HitecVision invests in entrepreneurship: well-run companies with high growth potential in the oil and gas sector. We focus on service and oilfield technology companies, as well as independent E&P companies, providing growth capital and replacement capital. We are targeting companies which meet the following criteria:

  • Differentiated product or service offering with a strong position in the relevant market segment.
  • Management with a strong commercial and value creation focus.
  • Customer orientation - focus on building sales and strong customer relationships.
  • Large market potential and clear growth plan
  • Equity investments between USD 50-250 million including add-ons investments  
  • Northern Europe or North America, in particular the Firm’s long established core areas: Norway, the UK and the US.
  • Visible and credible exit routes